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Volplex Pictures began with a simple need - a need to tell stories.

          Stories lie at the heart of our culture, from the fables and fairytales of the past to the superhero mythology of modern cinema. As a kid growing up, I was enraptured by such stories, and from a young age I was determined to tell my own. It was this determination that led me, in  2010, to lay the groundwork for what would become Volplex Pictures.

          Volplex was founded with a singular goal - to tell rich, character-driven stories that, regardless of the world in which they took place, would be grounded by the soul of human emotion. It's this philosophy that we are trying to integrate into all our projects, whether they're futuristic sci-fis, historical horrors, or modern-day dramas.

          Within this website, you will find details on all our projects - upcoming, in development, and old favourites. We hope you become as excited about them as we do.

          Welcome to Volplex Pictures.

Adam T Cottle


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